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The term e-learning has been catching on lately in the education and online sphere. I personally experienced e-learning back in my polytechnic days and I have always looked forward to it. This is so because I do not have to make a physical trip to school to attend lessons and I am able to access my assignments from my student portal, learn at my own pace as well as choose which day of the week I wanted to complete the assignment for instance. However, e-learning is not constrained to such boundaries anymore.

E-learning has taken on a whole new meaning. For instance, this can be seen with Apple, which launched this store called ItunesU, where users are able to find stuff or short courses that caters to their interest. If they find a course or a lesson that they are interested in, they would then be able to download a lesson or an introductory lecture about that particular topic that they are interested in. In addition to this, Apple Itunes U, is called as such because it features courses/lessons/lectures from established universities like Oxford University, Harvard University and even our university, University of Buffalo, State University of New York. I guess that this can be seen as a stepping stone for apple to launch into the education sector, and I believe that this is quite a good way of doing that. This is so because most of the online lectures can be downloaded in the form of videos or podcasts. Users will then be able to sync it to their iPhone/ iPad /itouch, meaning that they will be able to access it anywhere.

Aside from this, the other reason why I believe that e-learning can be a good tool is that students can learn at their own pace as well as learn from a wide variety of sources. For instance, if a person’s learning style is that of a visual learner, he or she will be able to view photographs or videos and from there, be able to learn something. Also, the web is filled with many websites such as Commoncraft, Howcast, or even the popular Youtube where users can learn about many things that are catering to their interest.

For example, I found this video via TED. It features Raghava KK, who is an artist and an author of an children’s book. What’s amazing about his book is that it can be viewed on the iPad, and users or children can view the book by shaking the iPad. Each time the iPad shakes, the story and the perspective changes, allowing the reader to have a new perspective. In this aspect, it’s a way for kids or readers to learn about new perspectives through this interactive e-book.

Here’s the video featuring Ragahava KK demonstrating how his book works:

Is there an a future for e-learning? Do you think it will be able to take off? What do you think?

Please give me your feedback or comments! Till then, I hope that you will have a good week! 🙂

Remember that you can always learn something new, especially on the web. I remembered I used to learn numbers with Sesame Street. So I shall leave you with a video featuring Sesame Street and Fiest teaching people how to count to 4! 🙂 Enjoy.


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