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I wonder how many of you like art, but I especially love interactive art installations. One reason why I love interactive art installations is that it utilizes or makes use of multimedia elements, like the notion of sound, visuals, and even touch to create a beautiful art piece that allows users to interact with.

Art that combines with multimedia elements can be a truly engaging experience for audiences, especially if the audience is able to interact and play with the art installation. It allows the audience to be part of the art piece and I believe that this can be one way to introduce people to art and hence inculcate a love of art in them.

Indeed, there are many talented artists out there that makes use of multimedia elements in their work. One artist that I particularly love is that of Zach Lieberman, who has a website that features his work as well as collaborations with other artists. There are two pieces of work that I would like to highlight, with the first being Night lights, which involved the collaboration between YesYesNo, The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas. Their mission was to turn the Auckland Ferry Building into an interactive playground. The audience then had a chance to perform against a wall of white lights which beamed their movements to the building and amplifying them 5 stories tall. It was truly an amazing sight to watch this video as one can see the sense of joy and excitement on the faces of the audiences as they interacted with the installation. What heightened the atmosphere was the use of multimedia elements like video, shadows, music and the use of a variety of colors.

Here’s the video of Night lights:

The second piece of work that I would like to highlight is another installation done by Zach Lieberman called drawn, which allows audiences to draw something on a piece of paper. Subsequently, they are able to play with what they have created or play with the drawings that have been created for them.

Here’s the video for drawn:

I believe that these art installations are visually appealing and stimulating. Would you like to see such art in Singapore? What has been the most interactive art installations that you have come across in Singapore or around the world? 🙂



Zach Lieberman and collaborators: http://thesystemis.com/

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