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In this technological age, I am sure that most of us cannot live without the Internet. It’s a place that is rich in information, a place that we can establish relationships, cease relationships (in some cases), obtain useful information that enrich our daily lives. In order to obtain information that enrich our lives, we make use of Internet tools. There are a wide variety of Internet tools or applications that we use everyday.

Take for instance, the use of Google Maps. I use Google Maps to seek directions to a destination which I am not familiar with. I am amazed at its usefulness, as it offers me the Streetview option, and even real-time information such as the navigation arrow to my destination as I sit in the bus. What’s more interesting is that Google Maps allows people to edit and add their own maps.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Recently, I have found out another Google tool called Google Goggles, which is a “visual search application for android phones.” Users can simply download this tool from the Android phone and simply snap a picture that they want to search for more information about, and then utilize this Google Goggle application to find that information. This tool cuts through the time of having to type or speak particular search terms in Google, which makes it convenient to use.

Here’s a video of how Google Goggle works:

Apart from such tools, there’s this amazing tool that I’d like to recommend, called Evernote. Evernote is an internet tool and an application that can be downloaded to your PCs, Macs, Iphones, Androids. These tool is useful because you can make a note and sync it to your phones or computers, which means that if you do not have your computer with you sometime, you can still access your notes via your mobile phone. Evernote has made my life easier because now I can easily take notes via my phone camera, or typing it down or even having an audio note, and syncing it to my devices and accessing it there.  In additon to this, I can always use the web clipper that can be downloaded from Evernote website, which works for many browsers (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and clip webpages that I find interesting. All this enables me to have a better Internet experience and allows me to have useful information in my daily learning. 🙂

Here’s a video of how Evernote works:

I feel that with the Internet and its tools, it has simplified our lives, yet it has also enabled us to learn new information as well. What are some of your favorite Internet tools that you like to use? Feel free to comment/share! Thank you!

Here’s one of my favorite artists, Ze Frank,speaking at a Ted Conference about his web playroom:

In addition to this, I also did my own video/trailer back in polytechnic using FCP. It was such a daunting experience because I felt scared to use the program. However, eventually, I overcame the fear of using the video editing software and did this video as part of my project that was required to pass the module. I learned that video editing can be done, although it is quite tedious at first. Once the final product is being produced, a great sense of satisfaction will overwhelm you, and I was quite glad that I went through this experience.

Enjoy! 🙂

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