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Internet and Journalism

The Internet has indeed revolutionize journalism. It has certainly evolved from print journalism that was limited to physical newspapers and magazines, to the current state, where there are digital newspapers, magazines, mobile applications for different newspapers, for instance, my favorite The Huffington Post.

There are a wide range of applications that cater to people’s interest in terms of news journalism. For instance, I use this app called Pulse, which is an application that is a news aggregator. What it does is that it enables me to subscribe to different news feeds, like The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, for instance. It’s convenient for me to utilize this app as I can access news on-the-go. I feel that this has changed journalism in terms of the way journalists has produced their news. Although there are normal news articles available, with the rise of the internet, and an increasingly technological-savvy generation, it has somewhat changed the way companies produce their news. Now, they have to ensure that their news are interesting and yet concise enough to read it. Such news companies and blogs jumping onto such bandwagon of developing apps will allow them to reach new audiences and enhance their brand even further.

The Internet has also allowed citizens to report the news as they see it. As we saw in class, news companies like CNN, The Huffington Post has platforms to allow citizens to experience and have a hand in reporting as well. I feel that this has widen the scope of reporting because now not only journalists can do it, we too, ordinary citizens can also have a hand in it. This is good, as I feel that we are able to contribute to news content as well. For instance, with the recent Occupy Wall Street movement, there were videos that captured the movement, some of which were posted by ordinary people. Such form of journalism, I feel has given the power of reporting of news to ordinary people as well, and hence, the power is no longer confined to professional journalists as well.

Here’s a video about the Occupy Wall Street Movement:

Here’s a video to help you understand more about citizen journalism:

So, do you engage in citizen journalism? Do you think it’s a good thing? 🙂


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